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Task 28, Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects Task28

Dissemination activities in 2015

National Expert Meeting in June 2015 in Berlin, Germany

Symposium of Task 28
Venue: German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy

    Presentation of IEA Wind Task 28, Stefanie Huber, Co-Operating Agent (presentation)
    Situation of the German Energiewende, Ralf Christmann, BMWi
    Promoting Renewable Energie, Alexander Knebel, Renewable Energy Agency (presentation)
    Wind Energy in Switzerland, Markus Geissmann, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Operating Agent IEA Wind Task 28 (presentation)
    Impact of wind turbines on real estate prices – empirical Facts, Ben Hoen, Lawrence Berkeley Research Lab., US (presentation)
    Local Involvement in the Energy Transition: Options for (Financial) Participation of Stakeholders, Ralf Ott, Berlin Instiute of Technology (presentation)
    Health impact of wind turbines, Gundula Hübner, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg (presentation)

Dissemination activities in 2014

National Expert Meeting in May 2014 in Blyth, UK

Among the participants were:
    David Rudolph, University of Edinburgh (presentation)
    Keelan Meade, Universitiy of Sheffield (presentation)
    Ben Chicosky, energetic
    Karin Sinclair, NREL
    Markus Geissmann, Swiss Federal Office of Energy / Operating Agent Task 28 (presentation)

In analogy to the successful format of "national expert meetings", IEA Wind Task 28 used the possibility of the IEA Wind ExCo meeting in Blyth, UK, to invite UK and Irish experts for an afternoon of exchange. Participants presented and discussed their research and implementation activities in the field of social acceptance of wind energy projects. IEA Wind Task 28 informed about its current and planned activities. UK experts have expressed their interest in participating in the work of IEA Task 28.

National Expert Meeting in March 2014 in Milano, Italy


Among the Speakers were:
    Massimiliano Atelli, Segreteria Tecnica del Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare
    Andrea Barbabella, Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile Responsabile del Energia
    Luciano Pirazzi, ANEV (Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento)
    Edoardo Zanchini, Vice Presidente di Legambiente (ONG), responsabile del Settore Energia e Trasporti
    Emilia Blanchetti, Partner ALLEA. Relazioni istituzionali e Comunicazione
    Alessandro Scassellati, ART. Analisi e Ricerche Territoriali
    Cristina Cavicchioli, RSE, Dipartimento di Sviluppo del Sistema Energetico, Rinnovabili e lo sviluppo locale: strumenti di supporto
    Emilio Conti, Universitā IULM di Milano, Esperto di processi partecipativi
    Fabio Disconzi, Universitā di Padova, di Ingegneria Elettrica
    Elisabetta Strazzera, Universitā di Cagliari, Scienze Sociali e Istituzioni
    Flavio Morini, Sindaco di Scansano (GR), Responsabile nazionale ANCI per l’Ambiente
    Ivano Scotti, Ricercatore presso l’Universitā Federico II di Napoli, Scienze Sociali
    Leonardo Perini, General Manager WPD Italia Offshore
    Gé Huismans, Agentschap (NL)
    Jens Pouplier, The Wind Turbine Secretariat of the Danish Ministry of The Environment (DEN)

The one day meeting was connected to the IEA Wind Task 28 working Group Meeting 2014 and offered the possibility to unite Italian Researchers and practitioners for wind energy deployment. International inputs and discussion with IEA Wind Task 28 members enabled a fruitful exchange.

Dissemination activities in 2013

Publication on "Community Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects" in the March issue of the EDI Quarterly dedicated to acceptance topics: online magazine by Geraint Ellis, Stefanie Huber, Robert Horbaty

Presentation by Stefanie Huber at a symposium on social acceptance of wind energy at the University of Applied Sciences in Yverdon, Switzerland (website of the symposium)

Participation of Task 28 in the EWEA session on "SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE - LESSONS IN HOW TO ACHIEVE IT": Presentation by Robert Horbaty

National Expert Meeting in May 2013 in Tokyo, Japan

Among the speakers were:
    Shota Furuya, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies: "Community based voluntary renewable energy projects"
    Tatsuya Wakeyama, Japan Renewable Energy Foundation: "GIS evaluation of renewable energy resource potential"
    Makoto Iida, The University of Tokyo: "Development of bird detect and monitoring system"
    Tatsuya Ura, Wild Bird Society of Japan: "Recent Situations Surrounding Wind Generation and Wild Birds in Japan - How do we obtain a social
    agreement from bird conservationists?"
    Robert Horbaty, Operating Agent of IEA Wind Task 28: "Introduction of Social Acceptance and IEA Wind Task28"
    Gundula Hübner, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg: "Noise stress of wind turbines and residents perception"
    Geraint Ellis / Brandan Murtagh, Queen`s University: "Community investment approaches to social acceptance of wind energy projects on the island of Ireland"
    Shigeo Ishihara, Japan Wind Power Association: "Social restriction of wind project"
    Yasuo Shimada, Japan Weather Association: "Risk management model of birds and a wind farm"
    Tohru Suzuki, Community Wind Power: "Community wind power"
    Tetsunari Iida, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies: "Renewable energy and Consensus

Dissemination activities in 2012

Topical Expert Meeting in June 2012 in Biel, Switzerland

June 14th to 15th: Two days of expert presentations and discussions, including a half-day meeting with Swiss epxerts. Speakers were:
    Mr. Felix Avia, Operating Agent Task 11 IEA Wind R&D, Spain
    Mr. Robert Horbaty / Stefanie Huber, Operating Agent IEA Wind Task 28, ENCO Energie-Consulting AG, Switzerland
    Mr. Shota Furuya, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, Japan
    Mr. Tomas Söderlund, PowerQuest, Sweden
    Mr. Jim Gannon, RPS Group Plc, Ireland
    Mr. Albert Jansen, formerly Agentschap NL, the Netherlands
    Mr. Walter Schmied, ennova, Switzerland
    Mr. Matthias Gysler, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland
    Mr., Jens Pouplier, Danish Wind Turbine Secretariat, Denmark
    Mr. Markus Geissmann, Swiss Federal of Energy, Switzerland
    Mr. Ben Hoen, Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory, USA
    Ms. Cristina M. Cavicchioli, RSE spa - Ricerca sul sistema energético, Italy
    Mr. Yasushi Maruyama, Nagoya University, Japan
    Ms. Sari Janhunen, South Karelian Institute, Lappeenranta Univ. of Technology, Finland
    Mr. Eric Lantz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
    Ms. Gundula Hübner, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
    Ms. Anna P Gawlikowska, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Mr. Kristian Borch, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    Mr. Geraint Ellis, Queen`s University Belfast, Ireland
    Mr. Jan Hildebrand, Saarland University, Germany

June 16th: Discussion of IEA Wind Task 28 activities 2012-2015

Publication in WIREs Energy and Environment

"Large scale wind deployment, social acceptance"
Robert Horbaty, Operating Agent IEA Wind Task 28, ENCO AG, Switzerland
Stefanie Huber, ENCO AG, Switzerland
Geraint Ellis, School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queen's University, Belfast, UK

The article is to be found on the site of WIREs Energy and Environment (free access):
Horbaty et al. 2012

Dissemination activities in 2011

Articles and presentations of Task 28 working group members

The September issue 2011 of EWEA`s magazine "Wind Directions" was dedicated to "Living with a wind farm - the public acceptance issue", including an interview with the Operating Agent of IEA Wind Task 28.

Geraint Ellis presented on the issue of social acceptance at the Irish Wind Energy 2011 Conference.

Jan Hildebrand Zoellner participated at the 10th wind energy symposium in St. Pölten, Austria.
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Gundula Hübner represented Task 28 at the South Africa bilateral training event in July 2011, Johannesburg

Task 28 results were included in the following publications:
    Hübner, G. (2011). Nicht ohne lokale Expertise – Akzeptanz von Erneuerbaren in der Bevölkerung. Politische Ökologie, 29, 69-74.
    Hübner, G. (2012). Die Akzeptanz Erneuerbarer Energien. In F. Ekardt, B. Hennig & H. Unnerstall (Hrsg.), Erneuerbare Energien – Ambivalenzen, Governance, Rechtsfragen (S. 105-127). Marburg: Metropolis.

In March, Task 28 published an article with international experience and Swiss projects in the "VSE Bulletin", the magazine of the Swiss electricity branch - only available in German with French summary:
Article (pdf)

Eric Lantz represented Task 28 at the IEA Wind side event at the EWEA 2011:
Link to EWEA`s site on the side event
Presentation of Task 28 (Eric Lantz)

Maya Jegen talked about social acceptance issues in the Canadian Journal "Les Affaires" in February 2011:
Link to the interview

Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects - Norwegian Expert Exchange Workshop

Norwegian expert meeting with participation of IEA Wind Task organized by Institutt for tverrfaglige kulturstudier from the Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet NTNU

Trondheim, Norway
October 15th 2011

We thank all speakers and participants for their contributions!


    Robert Horbaty: Task 28 & social acceptance of wind energy

    Duncan Halley (NTNU): On “GP Wind” and the ”Birdwind” – project”

    Jan Andor Foosnæs (NTE Transmission): On NTE and Social acceptance of Wind Energy – experiences from a developer

    Ole I. Gjerald (NTNU): The Licencing Process-An obstacle to Wind Energy in Norway?

    Gard H Hansen (NTNU): Norwegian offshore wind development

    Sara Heidenreich (NTNU): Offshore Wind and public acceptance

Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects - Dutch Expert Exchange Workshop

Dutch expert meeting with participation of IEA Wind Task organized by Agentschap NL
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
March 11th 2011

We thank all speakers and participants for their contributions!


    Robert Horbaty: Task 28 & social acceptance of wind energy

    Ton van Dortmont (Nuon development): Social Acceptance in the Wieringermeerproject - A developers view

    Jacco Rodenburg (Province of North Holland): More power less Towers - The strategy of the province to find the balance between more green-power production, a better spatial quality and local (political) support

    Dirk Louter project (director wind farm Noord-Oost-polder Planning a 400 MW wind farm): How to cope with the social environment. The challenge of partnership.

    Arthur Vermeulen (Netherlands Wind Energy Association): The role of NWEA in the national wind discussion

    Paul van Beek (landscape architect): Landscapology - Lessons learned from landscaping windfarms

In the afternoon excursion to some Dutch wind farm projects

Dissemination activities in 2010

Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects - Irish Expert Exchange Workshop

Irish expert meeting organized by SEAI
Galway Bay Hotel, Galway, Ireland
Wednesday, September 29th 2010

We thank all speakers and participants for their contributions!

Agenda and presentations

EWEC 2010

Side event IEA Wind Task 28
EWEC 2010, Warsaw, Poland
Wednesday, April 21st 2010

We thank all speakers and participants for their contributions!

EWEC-page on IEA Wind Task 28 side event

Participation at the official EWEC session on Social Acceptance
EWEC 2010, Warsaw, Poland
Tuesday, April 20 2010

> Presentation Operating Agent*

* For sources of the pictures, see Compilation of internet sources

Irish renewable energy summit 2010

Irish renewable energy summit 2010, energy ireland
Dundalk, Ireland
Thursday, January 21st 2010
Presentation by Stefanie Huber, assistent to the Operating Agent

Dissemination activities in 2009

NREL Wind Energy and Social Acceptance Forum

US expert meeting organized by NREL
National Wind Technology Centre, Boulder, US
Wednesday, October 28th 2009

Amongst others with

    Larry Flowers (NREL)
    James Walker (Vice Chairman of the Board Enxco, AWEA Past President)
    Martin Pasqualetti (Arizona State University)
    Ben Hoen (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    Jeremy Firestone (University of Delaware)
    Kristen Goland (Iberdrola Renewables)
    Mark Bastasch (CH2M Hill)
    Robert Horbaty (Enco Energie-Consulting AG) – Task 28 Operating Agent
    Gordon Brittan (Montana State University)
    Ellen Lutz (Industry Consultant)
    Kevin Rackstraw ( Industry Consultant)
    Rich Vanderveen (Mackinaw Power)
    Tom Feiler (Clipper Windpower)
    Tom Gray (AWEA)
    Marion Trieste (GEOS Consulting)
    Michael Vickerman (ReNew Wisconsin)
    Dennis Scanlin (Appalachian State University)
    Sue Jones (Community Energy Partners)
    Peggy Beltrone (Montana County Commissioner)
    Ron Lehr (AWEA)
    Carl Zichella (CA Sierra Club)
    Nancy Jackson (The Climate and Energy Project)
    Thomas Carr (Western Interstate Energy Board)
    Lee Otteni (U.S. Bureau of Land Management)
    Tom Fair (V.P. Renewable Energy, Nevada Energy)
    Bonnie Ram (Energetics)

We thank all speakers and participants for their contributions!