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Task 28, Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects Task28

Contacts in the participating countries

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DK > Danish Energy Agency
> Danish Technical University: Department of Management Engineering (Kristian Borch)

Germany > Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
> Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg: Institute of Psychology (Gundula Hübner)
> University of the "Saarland": Research Group for Environmental Psychology (Jan Hildebrand)

Italy > RSE Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (Cristina Cavvicchioli, Silvia Beretta)

Ireland > Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland: Renewable Energy Information Office (Matthew Kennedy)
> Queen`s University, Belfast (Geraint Ellis)

Japan > National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
> Nagoya University: Graduate School of Environmental Science (Yasushi Maruyama)
> Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry: Socio-Economic Research Center (Kenshi Baba)
> Institute for Sustainable energy policies (Tesunari Iida)
> University of Tokyo: Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies (Memi Motosu)

USA > US Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
> National Renewable Energy Laboratory: National Wind Technology Centre (Eric Lantz)
> Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Ben Hoen)

Switzerland > Swiss Federal Office of Energy: Wind Section (Markus Geissmann)
> Swiss Wind Energy Association SuisseEole (Benjamin Szemkus)